Old Youth

The 1980’s were a decade of death. John Lennon died right there at the beginning. Flared pants died too, though they’d make a comeback a few years later. The Eagles died, and so did Fleetwood Mac. And so, one could argue, did idealism.

And that is the subject of This is Our Youth, even if the script never quite comes out and says it. Kenneth Lonergan’s play about young seekers marooned by happenstance in the untamed wilds of 1982 Manhattan, zooms in on a trio of fragile dreams: those of Dennis, a wily, drug-dealing youngster; Warren, a put-upon friend who’s just stolen $15,000 from his vicious father; and Jessica, whom Warren hopes to bed. Drifting, confused, and alone, the three try to figure out each other, themselves, and the future, in a world that no longer seems to have one. Folks looking for a bit of serious theater, garnished with some early fin de siecle portent and awkward sexual fencing, should find a lot to love here. The show starts at 8 p.m. at The Atlantic Theater (6743 Indiantown Rd., Jupiter). Tickets cost $10 to $15. Call 561-575-3271.

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Brandon K. Thorp