Panda Bears and Skewered Meat

“Corndogs are basically the best and worst of America,” says Aimee Sauer, spokeswoman for the National Corndog Federation. “Where else but America can you have all of the excess but none of the guilt … on a stick. And they’re phallic.” OK, so Sauer might not be pumping corndogs with a PR flack’s charm, but she is paying homage of sorts to the deep-fried edible. Her tribute comes in the form of kitschy, screen-printed posters touting slogans like “Nothing says I love you like a corn dog,” and “Delicious & Nutritious!” Together they form just one of the three exhibits on display at tonight’s “Propaganda 2008” art show, taking place at ArtCenter/South Florida (924 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach). The off-kilter collection of screen- and mono-prints riffs on persuasive messages of consumption and sexuality that bombard us on a daily basis, only without the negative connotation. Sharing the spotlight along with Sauer’s offerings is Roxy Ramos’ Chairman Panda — a cheery, Ronald McDonald-like character appearing in a series of propaganda posters that retool the Chinese Cultural Revolution as a hedonistic awakening. Then there’s Lips, Inc., a collection of provocative prints by ArtCenter instructor Lazaro Amaral that bridges the gap between the two themes. The 7 p.m. reception will take the consumption argument a step further thanks to complimentary Pabst Blue Ribbons for all who enter and performance art courtesy of Manuel Sanchez. Best news: no cover. Call 305-674-8278, or visit
Sat., Nov. 8, 2008
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John Linn