Papa Don’t Preach

“My goddaughter called me up last year and said that her girlfriends couldn’t believe that I was Duke the Dog in Barnyard,” says Dom Irrera. He’s chatting with us during a short break from his new television series, the Supreme Court of Comedy out in L.A. “She said ‘Could you bark for them like Duke?’ I said ‘I don’t know if I’m allowed to bark for girls under 18.’”

Irrera’s been a true comedian’s comedian since starting in stand-up more than 20 years ago – so it’s safe to say that his recent family-friendly gig Barnyard hasn’t softened his act. Fans love him because he’s hilarious without resorting to gimmicks; Irrera thinks there are worse things than gimmicks, like sermonizing. “One thing I’ve learned from watching some guys is that they get too preachy,” he laughs. “I was doing this festival and this young black guy from Brooklyn ends his set with ‘Gentlemen, we have to stop beating our bitches – It’s wrong to beat your bitch.’” The baffled Irrera pauses -- allowing a moment for the wisdom to fully sink in -- then continues. “I got out on stage and said ‘Wow. That really was enlightening, Thank you so much for educating us.’ Everyone laughed because it was so ridiculous.”

Catch Irrera declaring bullshit in the flesh all weekend long (Thursday through Sunday); he’s headlining at the Improv Hard Rock Live (5700 Seminole Way, Hollywood). There are three shows on Saturday: 7 p.m., 9 p.m., and 11:15 p.m. Tickets cost $23.32. Call 954-981-5653, or visit
Thu., Nov. 1; Fri., Nov. 2; Sat., Nov. 3; Sun., Nov. 4, 2007

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Jamie Laughlin