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Playing the Role of Patsy

His morning likely started just as every other: curt demands lobbed from the wife as he sidestepped the avalanche of unrelenting bills. Feeling his children glare disappointedly as he fumbled for his rusted car keys. The horrific vehicular collision that followed might be the single greatest thing to transpire in Jonas’ decomposing life.

The film is titled Just Another Love Story, and within its twisted, noir-like telling the characters’ seemingly isolated pieces flip through time. The result is a grand and dastardly storyboard, all stemming from an automobile accident between Jonas, a despondent crime scene photographer, and Julia, a beautiful, wealthy, and mysterious brunette. The collision is powerful enough to leave Julia in a coma, so she doesn’t argue when Jonas represents himself as her boyfriend, Sebastian, to her concerned family members. Of course, Julia did have a leading man prior to the debilitating accident. She also had a career, the details of which are unknown by even her closest kin. And who’s the bandaged man skulking through the hospital’s flickering hallways? Until all is revealed, these things aren’t Jonas’ concern. He’s enjoying his immersion in another, more revered life — and really, how bad could it get?

Get enveloped in this subtitled, cloak and dagger thriller, showing through Thursday at the Lake Worth Playhouse, located at 713 Lake Ave. in Lake Worth. Tickets range from $6 to $8. Call 561-586-6410, or visit
Feb. 20-26, 2009

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Jamie Laughlin

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