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Plus-Sized Pain

600-pound wrestler Maximum Capacity is a sight to behold: He’s a mammoth of a man, towering tall and wide above his already large opponents. The hair on his head is shaved into a wide Mohawk, tracing down into a wispy mullet. He wears a menacing grimace, buttressed by an imposing confidence almost as large as his frame. And when he steps in the ring Friday night for Chained Fury, a Division One Pro Wrestling event, he’ll be backing up his fearsome looks with a whole lot of pain.

The guy Max is facing, Lou Cypher, has felt that pain before. Cypher left the ring during the pair’s last match, after attempting to choke Max with his trademark chain. Now the tables have turned. This time, to ensure the bout reaches a conclusion, Cypher and Max will be chained together with a 13-foot dog collar, unable to be separated before a victor is decided. Will the 6’10” Cypher be able to topple the mountain that is Maximum Capacity? New Times sat down with the colossus himself to find out just how striking a structure Max, the original “World’s Largest Athlete,” really is.

New Times: What’s your strategy for the upcoming fight?

Maximum Capacity: It’s going to be exciting; a 300-pound guy and a 600-pound guy connected by 15-foot chain and a dog collar. But plain and simple, I’m stronger than he is, and I’m just going to drag him around the ring and beat the hell out of him.

What separates you from other wrestlers? Everyone these days are into steroid freaks and muscle bound jerks. I’m a real American. The kids can look up to me. I mean, I’m heavy and overweight, but I’m your average Joe. I’m a couch potato. It’s actually harder to look like me and get my build than it is to be a muscular guy. So if I can do it, anybody can.

Has any single opponent ever lifted you?

No. I cannot be body slammed. There are guys who might be able to lift me a few inches. But I don’t know why they even try. They must feel like Superman. I just cut them off and body slam them instead.

This stuff really hurts, doesn’t it?

I dare the people [who say wrestling is fake] to get in the ring with us. Most wrestlers, with the exception of me, are the best athletes in the world. You gotta be in excellent condition to work a match.

Do you have one of those cool intro songs you come out to?

I have one I’ve used for seven years. A former ring announcer made it for me. I actually want a new one made, so if anyone out there reading this wants to do one for me I’d like that.

What would you look for in a new intro song?

It would be a warning saying, ‘You’re about to exceed Maximum Capacity.’ And then all hell should break loose. I want sirens, I want bombs, I want buildings crumbling, everything. Because you’ve been warned, and now it’s too late. I’m all destruction in the ring.

Chained Fury explodes at 7:30 p.m. at the Boulevard Heights Rec Center (6770 Garfield St., Hollywood). Tickets cost $12. Visit or for more info.
Fri., Jan. 23, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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