Poker & Prestidigitation

If you played poker with Cashetta, you’d lose. You wouldn’t be able to keep your eyes on your hand. Cashetta is a towering drag goddess of unholy charisma, and where she goes, eyes helplessly follow. Even if you could keep your eyes focused on your cards, your attention would soon be shattered by her constant, debauched patter, in which she discusses heretofore unspeakable sex acts with a gaiety that calls to mind Julia Childs brandishing not a skillet but a long string of Ben Wa balls. And even if you could ignore the presence and patter, you would lose, for Cashetta is a conjurer. She would produce a royal straight flush with no effort at all, and as you got up to leave the card table, you would discover a Joker had been magicked into your underwear.

Happily, those who play poker at Steel’s new weekly Wednesday Poker Night need never fear such a thing, for Cashetta will be busy performing in the Steel Video Lounge next door (1951 NW Ninth Ave., Fort Lauderdale). Punters can come, win or lose to their heart’s content in the main room and bebop on over to see the magic happen at 11 p.m. There’s no cover charge, well drinks and Miller cost $3.50 a pop, and Jaegerbombs are detonated on demand for $4.00. Call 954-522-9985, or visit
Wednesdays. Starts: Oct. 3. Continues through Feb. 13, 2007

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Brandon K. Thorp