Pop Goes Circumstance

“Romance Man” might not have a symbol in the sky like Batman, and he might not have an alien birth father like Superman, but he’s got love, and that’s all you need, really. That and a bouquet of pink flowers. Romance Man is the creation of local artist Timothy Leistner and will make his debut (Romance Man’s, not Leistner’s) at the “Pop and Circumstance” exhibition Saturday and Sunday. The aptly named temporary exhibit features works inspired by imagery, such as Coca-Cola, from popular culture as well as commentary on modern social mores. Joining Leistner’s superhero of amore is a family album of dinosaur portraits by Andrew Horton, recycled soda-can art by Francisco Sheuat, a universe populated by painted dots from Rick Esposito, and a series of paintings and “Big Mouth” wall sculptures from Jackilyn Laflamme. This exhibit, as well as a full collection of modern art, can be found at the Artist’s Eye Fine Art Gallery, 38 S. Federal Highway, Ste. 2, Dania Beach. Call 954-554-3153, or email artistseyeinc@yahoo.com.
June 12-July 13, 2010

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