Power Lunch

In the grassy mountains of Argentina, cattle-rustlers feast on super-sized lunches of beef and starch to provide the primo energy they need to corral cows all day. Here, in mist-covered office towers of South Florida, bold executives look toward low-carb wraps and health-conscious salads to keep them alert and attentive as they manage the workforce from above. It’s bullshit, man. What are they going to do when a bull stampedes down Hollywood Boulevard and they don’t have the protein they need to ´rassle that bad boy to the pavement? Call Animal Control? Pshh. Wuss.

We’ve got a better idea. Put down the Luna bar and head over to the Beefeater Steakhouse (1902 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood) for a real Executive Lunch, Argentinean style. What’s on the menu? Meat and starch: try an outstanding marinated skirt steak slathered in homemade chimichurri, a pounded chicken breast seasoned liberally and grilled to perfection, or -- why not? -- a sizable plate of fresh (not boxed) pasta with a variety of sauces. Each of the meals comes with soup or salad (to humor you leaf-munchers), a choice of side, and fresh-baked bread to sop up any meat-juice/chimichurri mixture you miss – that’s energy there, baby. The menu runs just $5.95 to $6.95 until 4 p.m. Throw in $1 meat pies and you’ve got a meal fit for a bustlin’ exec. Call 954-920-4450.
Mondays-Fridays, 2007

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John Linn