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“Purr,” I Mean, “GRRR!”

You’ve been scanning the hockey websites looking fruitlessly for the Panthers’ Eastern Conference ranking -- hmmm, maybe you just didn’t scroll far enough down. Currently ranked at 15th out of 15, our boys are looking more playful kitten, less vicious panther. Sure, they have 70-odd games left to prove that they too can leave a trail of frozen carnage in their skates’ shavings – but getting behind this early in the season is never a good sign. It’s like blowing off the beginning of a college semester by not turning in any homework: those zeros catch up to you, and that final is a bitch.

But our team has something that no other team has: foam panther claws in place of the old school “We’re Number One” fingers. Damn straight. With a secret fan weapon like that in its arsenal, the Panthers might just be able to overcome this slow-to-wake slump. Go see the Panthers face off against the Flyers Wednesday night at the BankAtlantic Center (2555 Panther Pkwy., Sunrise), buy yourself a menacing foam cat hand, and do your part to cheer them to victory (or something vaguely close to it.) Tickets range $17 to simply redonkulous. Visit www.ticketmaster.com.
Wed., Oct. 24, 2007

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Jamie Laughlin