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Put the "Free" back in Freedom

Racking up debt is one of the most All-American things one can do. These days we associate a person’s patriotism based on his credit score – and that’s really got to change. Libraries are an excellent resource for cheap fun, proven this evening when the Weston Library (4205 Bonaventure Blvd., Weston) recreates a 1950’s film house experience among the stacks -- all for the low, low price of FREE. Leave the charge cards at home and celebrate American Heritage Month by going on a double date (you and your library card along with Judy Holliday and Daffy Duck), and settle in for a showing of the classic, 1956 film The Solid Gold Cadillac; it even kicks off with the old fashioned cartoon short Duck Amuck.

Cadillac’s plot is as clean-scrubbed and idyllic as a Great American Tale can be: Holliday takes her role as shareholder seriously as she involves herself in the day-to-day operations of a company she has invested in. Of course, she soon learns of corrupt goings-on lurking beneath the public ledgers and charges Capital Hill in protest. (Just think of it as Nine to Five with less cleavage.)

Now, of course you’re thinking “a free movie is great, but I really need popcorn and a soda to complete my theatrical experience.” Of course you do, and the library has your snack hankerings covered as well – but if you want Jujubes, you’ll have to smuggle them in your handbag. Screening starts at 6:30. Call 954-389-2098.

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Jamie Laughlin

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