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Real Live Super Troupers

Nobody’s mastered the art of the beer-swilling, pot-smoking, girl-chasing comedy like Broken Lizard, the improv troupe behind the movies Super Troopers, Beerfest, and the grossly underappreciated ’80s-style slasher comedy Club Dread. More than anyone else, these five men — millions of Super Trooper fans know them as Farva, Mac, Rabbit, the guy who was in love, and the brown guy — carry the torch, the spirit of frat-comedy masterpieces like Animal House, Porky’s, and Revenge of the Nerds. One day, we swear, film scholars will look back on the work of Broken Lizard with respectful eyes, studying the precise blend of inebriation, clever pranks, oral-sex jokes, fart jokes, fat jokes, syrup chugging, bear-fucker costumes, old-school underdog spirit, naked man ass, and bare-breasted women. In time, all discerning minds will grow to appreciate such craftsmanship — the genius of the genre. Until then, you can see these guys live and in person, performing sketches, reviving old characters, and answering questions about their movies (including the forthcoming Slammin’ Salmon) during a special two-night engagement at the Palm Beach Improv (550 S. Rosemary Ave., Ste. 250, West Palm Beach). Tickets cost $26.23. Call 561-833-1812, or visit
Thu., Jan. 21, 8 & 10:30 p.m.; Fri., Jan. 22, 7 & 9:15 p.m., 2010
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Michael J. Mooney

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