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Reunited, and It Feels so Good

Valentine’s Day is going to be awkward this year. When they were newlyweds, he’d make a reservation at a cozy restaurant, and she’d shave her legs, and the day would begin with a kiss. But that’s no longer the case. The arguments began small – snappy one-liners about who forgot to do what around the house. Then they got louder and harder to get over. He took up a career in stand-up comedy simply to have an outlet for his aggression: Now he has an entire 45-minute set devoted to the way she leaves her shoes scattered around the house. In retaliation, she has discovered a passion for cross-stitching; her latest effort hangs in the kitchen, reading: “Fine, don’t wash you glass when you’re done with it. See if I care, Loser.”

Are they doomed? Will this be another year of Valentine’s dinner on paper plates so they won’t argue over who’s doing the dishes? No. The Weston Branch Library (4205 Bonaventure Blvd., Weston) is coming to the rescue by offering a free marriage/counseling seminar called “Getting Back to the Romance.” Licensed Mental Health Counselor, columnist, and author Karen Kaye has made romance reanimation her life’s work. Join her this evening and learn a little about how you got in the funk you’re in, and more importantly, how the two of you can make it back out, unscathed. Call 954-389-2098, ext. 243.
Wed., Feb. 13, 2008

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Jamie Laughlin