Rocking in Spanglish

Social commentary in my rap-metal?

FRI 4/23

Need to brush up on your Spanish curse words? Listen to Molotov, Mexico's megapopular, socially conscious rap-metal band that features a guitarist (Tito Fuentes), two bass players (Micky "Huidos" Huidobro and Paco Ayala), and an American-born drummer (Randy Ebright) who moved to Mexico when he was 14 and is now affectionately dubbed "Gringo Loco." Band members switch off on instruments and share lead vocalist duties, which requires singing in Spanglish. Our favorite tune? The Latin-polka-influenced "Frijolero" ("Beaner"), a song that highlights the intensity and absurdity of racism along the Rio Grande. Lyrics go, "Stay on your side of the goddamn river/Don't call me gringo, you beaner" and then, "No me llames frijolero, pinche gringo puñetero" (translation: "Don't call me beaner, fucking gringo jackoff!"). Fresh from scooping up a tour bus full of Latin Grammys and MTV Latina awards, Molotov plays at the Sound Advice Amphitheatre for Zeta 94.9's Bonzai Festival with the Offspring, Puddle of Mudd, Trapt, Smile Empty Soul, 3 Days Grace, Finger 11, Tantric, L-Pro, and the Start. If Molotov tells you to "Venga!" (as they often do), then hop on-stage, grab the mic, and show that all those years you spent in karaoke bars were not, in fact, a waste. Tickets cost $15 to $35. Call 954-523-3309. -- Deirdra Funcheon

Funk Who?

A new night for old school

FRI 4/23

Say what you will about the practice of sampling in hip-hop music, but no one can deny sampling's ability to turn younger listeners on to the classics of funk and soul. And if you check out Funk You! Friday at Silver Cue (5360 N. Federal Hwy., Lighthouse Point), you'll hear the original versions of many of these songs. Funk You! Fridays began at a March 12 Hashbrown show and have become a weekly event. This Friday features DJ UTI between live sets by Lee Williams and the Square Egg, who mixes up the funk with a little rap, R&B, and jazz. Williams is returning to South Florida after having moved to New York last year. The funk drops at 11 p.m. and costs $2. Call 954-425-4747.-- Jason Budjinski

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