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Rock’s Chosen Ones

Let the Gentiles feast on pork. It’s a small concession; after all, the Jews are taking back rock ‘n’ roll. Rob Tannenbaum and David Fagan make up the lounge/pop/rock and hilariously kosher shtick Good for the Jews. Songs like “Shiksas are for Practice,” and “They Tried to Kill Us (We Survived, Let’s Eat)” will illuminate this (lesser celebrated) 15th night of Hanukah when the “Putting The Ha! In Hanukah” tour makes the pilgrimage to N.Y.C.C. (8221 Glades Rd., Boca Raton). Sure, it’s unorthodox. And cheeky. But anything that brings Jdaters and Gentiles together for a night of debauchery is well worth the gelt ($20).

Don’t worry, they aren’t all act. Both Fagan and Tannenbaum know good music. Fagan is in the Rosenbergs — a band that’s opened for everyone from the Strokes to Duran Duran. And Tannenbaum? Well, he’s the music editor at Blender and a frequent contributor to all of those other rock rags you let pile up in archival fashion ’cause you just can’t bear to part with ’em. (Their mothers must be so proud.) Join the boys tonight at 8 p.m.. Call 561-470-6887 for tickets. Visit for a preview.
Tue., Dec. 18, 2007

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Jamie Laughlin

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