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Say Hello to Your Mother for Me

Earth Day is like New Year’s Eve — you make all sorts of resolutions you never plan on keeping. This year marks the 40th Earth Day, but we have a hunch, South Florida, that you never really took it seriously. You continue to slip in green city rankings. But in a lush, tropical climate like ours — where plants sprout even from concrete — it’s tough to remember that polar bears are marooned on melting ice caps. Still, did you have to dump your used motor oil directly into Biscayne Bay? Mama Earth is not amused.

Absolution is possible this Sunday at EarthFest 2010 at Crandon Park (6767 Crandon Blvd., Key Biscayne). Beginning at noon, attend workshops on organic gardening, edible backyards, energy-efficiency tips for blazing hot summers, and, if you can stomach it, raw food “cooking.” Take tours of Bear Cut, and explore Crandon’s coastal hammocks. Jam band the Heavy Pets will headline, joined by Ani DiFrancoesque Teri Catlin and Sosos, which tours with a 1920s church organ. The event is free, but parking costs $6. Don’t embarrass us; leave your Hummers at home. Call 305-323-8858, or visit
Sun., April 18, noon, 2010

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Amanda McCorquodale

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