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Secret Society

It’s a living, breathing classroom of what cool is. Since it’s strategically placed in a strip mall in the middle of nowhere, it’s considered Oakland Park’s “little secret.” And its regulars like it that way. See, if Duck Soup (3809 Powerline Rd., Fort Lauderdale) were conveniently located, then everyone and their ex would show up at events like Society Wednesday’s $15 all-you-can-drink buffet. Instead, the “Soup” is a place where the pretty people with dizzyingly elaborate tattoos and impeccably stylish haircuts gravitate – they swarm around its copper-topped bar for their fill of wells, drafts, and pussy shots. Have as many as you want, but mind the sloppy seconds; they’re not for the squeamish. A sloppy second is a pussy shot, except the “bomb” isn’t dropped with the shot glass. Oh, no. The bartender swigs the liquor, then shotguns it into your cup, hence the name. Sexy? Gross? You decide. One thing is for sure: It makes for an awesome icebreaker.

Beyond power-drinking, Kendall Killed the DJ and DJ Esoteric take turns playing progressive house – a necessity for those wishing to utilize the pole-dancing stage or risqué cage area. No matter which you choose you’ll find support from the DJs; they won’t allow the tomfoolery to end early. After all, Wednesday is a school night.

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Bryan Falla

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