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Sermon Plus Semen

Religion tends to be divisive as well as unifying, while soul music is typically only the latter. That is, of course, unless it involves Clarence Reid, AKA Blowfly, the most foulmouthed, motherfuckin’, panty-sniffin’, sex-crazed old man you will ever care to come across. To those with a certain foul mentality (like most New Times readers), he is a sheer delight. However, those who aren’t receptive to this legend’s brand of dirty rap music probably feel compelled to shower compulsively for weeks following a close encounter with the guy. After attending the Good Friday church service of your choice, or not, you have the option of getting stinky with Blowfly at the church that is Churchill’s Pub, where he’ll anchor another holy gathering, called Soul Fest 2012. At this all-night jammer, Blowfly will be joined by a solid lineup of kickin’ soul acts including Ralph “Soul” Jackson from Georgia and the Friday Funk Machine featuring Jaylon “Thunder” Ballard, who will play a not-to-be-missed Clarence Reid tribute set. Filling out the night, which begins at 7 p.m. and goes till 4 a.m., are indie rock band Radioboxer and DJs Soul Man Jan, Hard Money T, and Ruben Pagan. You’ll be asked to drop $12 into the offering dish on the way in if you don’t grab a $10 ticket beforehand.
Fri., April 6, 2012
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Travis Newbill

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