Sex, Drugs, and Comedy

For all the clever comments and raunchy anecdotes a standup comic may have prepared, nothing tests his true skills like a disruptive audience member. So while Sean Kent has no shortage of sharply written material on his CD Sex, Drugs, and Politics, it’s his verbal beat-down of a loud, attention-seeking woman in the front row that stands out most.

“She just wouldn't shut the fuck up. And she was in the front row ,” Kent explains to New Times. “My attitude is, OK, you want to be the center of attention? Go do some fucking open mics for five years and then starve for a couple more and then when you're a headliner, you can talk all you want.”

This exchange, however, doesn’t mean Kent’s an insult comic. Most of his scorn is aimed at people who deserve it – politicians, pundits, religious hypocrites. But for some reason, Kent gets most of his flack not from red-staters but from industry people. “While Hollywood may vote liberal, it tends to think about money like a Republican,” Kent says. “In other words, having an opinion is only cool if it doesn't make you less marketable to the red states. Which is a stupid way to think because you can find as many free-thinkers, dope smokers, artists, freaks, and weirdoes in Cleveland or Alabama as you can in Los Angeles.”

“I know this because I live in L.A. and travel constantly to red states where people laugh heartily at my political musings,” Kent says, “and then offer me drugs and occasionally companionship. ” Now that’s southern hospitality.

Kent joins Craig Carmean Thursday through Saturday at the New York Comedy Club (8221 Glades Rd., Boca Raton). Tickets cost $5 to $12. Call 561-470-6887, or visit
Feb. 16-18

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Jason Budjinski