Show Us the Munny

That do-it-yourself acrylic art doll Munny is back in action, this time landing at toy shop/gallery space Pink Ghost (21 W. Las Olas Blvd., Ste. B, Fort Lauderdale). “Giant Skills, Mini Munny” opens Saturday at 7 p.m. and will feature over 50 of the little buggers, each handcrafted by pop artists like Helena Garcia, ADAPT, and Intimidnation. Every artist has a different take on the doll’s rounded features, meaning no two Munnies are ever the same. Some folks paint the doll; still others dress them up in furry, gnome-like garb. On display: Eyeformation’s “Neanderman,” a freckled ancestor to modern Munny with a mouth as deadly as his bone club; cutesy, fem-power illustrator Miss Kika and her gumdrop-vibed “Miss Pinky”; and “Astro Teen,” illustrator Mike Bell’s ode to Astro Boy’s later, angst-filled years. There’ll be dozens of other subversive pop gems to gaze at, and Pink Ghost will hold a vote to determine which Munny will receive a “top secret” prize. The reception is free for all, and includes tunes from DJ Brian H and complimentary cupcakes, as always. Joy! Call 954-616-1304, or visit
May 17-June 30, 2008
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John Linn