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Turn it up, bring the earplugs

THU 2/19

A chance meeting with the Tampa-based noise band Hepatitis Youth outside a recent show in Orlando included a squall of feedback and a few curious onlookers. That's because they were playing their set outside, in the parking lot. As part of a personal vendetta against Troubleman Unlimited, a New Jersey label that did some shady business with their album, Hepatitis Youth shadowed the Florida shows of San Francisco's own Erase Errata, who have albums out on Troubleman Unlimited. "We did a tour against them, and made a lot of enemies, got amps smashed, and got threatened a lot," says guitarist Ian Lynne. "It was fun. People overreacted, but it got people's attention, which was not our intention really. We just all hate Troubleman Unlimited. Unfortunately, on that tour, only seven of the 18 members could go." You heard right, kids. There's strength in numbers. HY has around 18 members, and some of them have moved and started different factions, such as Hepatitis B Youth (north), Hepatitis C Youth (Florida), and Hepatitis D Youth (Southern region). When all members are together, it's just regular old Hepatitis Youth. Up next on HY's shitlist: Ian says they will begin touring against a certain "garage rock" band.

Hepatitis Youth are just one of the many noisemongers scheduled to play the International Noise Conference at Churchill's (5501 NE Second Ave., Miami) this weekend. The three-day conference, organized by Miami noise band vet Rat Bastard, features bands from Florida and out of state. Thursday and Friday feature mostly Florida bands, such as Xela Zaid, Rene Barge, Dopee Francisco, Byron House, Dead/Bird, What's Yr Damage?, Haves & Thirds, Russian Tsarcasm, Superstar Policecar, and U Can Unlearn Guitar, while Saturday night showcases mostly touring bands from out of state, such as the fantastically named Unicorn Hard-On, Japanese Karaoke Afterlife Experiment (who recently toured with the Providence-based two-man aural assault known as Lightning Bolt), Sword Heaven, Irene Moon, 16 Bitch Pile Up, Temple of Bon Matin, Insect Deli, and a few others to be announced. The show is free! Call 305-757-1807.

Quiet Riot

The Revolution will be projected

FRI 2/20

When The Revolution Will Not Be Televised was shown in Venezuela, riots broke out at the screenings. Amnesty International considered showing it at a film festival in Canada, but the organization's staff feared for their physical safety. When it was scheduled to be shown on British TV, petitions were launched to prevent the broadcast. Why? The documentary was shot by a couple of Irish lasses who were with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez inside his palace when he was forced from power in a coup on April 11, 2002. Their cameras were still rolling 48 hours later when, remarkably, Chavez returned to power amid cheering aides. The film, which portrays Chavez in a sympathetic light, added fuel to the already-raging inferno that is Venezuelan politics. When Prof. Luis Duno-Gottberg organized the Venezuelan Film Festival last month at Florida Atlantic University, he purposely left Revolution off the agenda, afraid of distracting viewers' attention from other films in the series. But he's ready to show it now. Check out the free screening at 6:30 p.m. in room 101 of the Performing Arts Building at Florida Atlantic University (777 Glades Rd., Boca Raton). Fingers crossed, Duno-Gottberg says, " I hope we will be able to have a calm discussion about it afterward."

Blond on Film

300-count sheets are a girl's best friend

FRI 2/20

Marilyn. A name that has become synonymous with beauty, sensuality, and fluttering white halter dresses. Marilyn Monroe had a look that has been replicated countless times but never improved upon. Celebrity fashion photographer Douglas Kirkland once remarked, "Upon meeting her to talk about taking pictures, I was totally disarmed." What came of that meeting was "An Evening with Marilyn," a series of diaphanous photos of the '50s "It" girl lounging seductively in bed, wrapped in tousled white sheets, and shooting a come-hither look. The photos, which Kirkland shot in 1961 for Look magazine's 25th anniversary issue, have become almost as famous as the dress that blew over her head. You can view more than 40 of Kirkland's prints at the Palm Beach Photographic Center (55 NE Second Ave., Delray Beach) through April 10. Museum hours are Monday-Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. and Sunday from 12 p.m.-5 p.m. Call 561-276-9797.

Fo Shizzle, My Yiddle

WED 2/25

So, what's your favorite Yiddish musical? If we could only pick one, we'd go with the 1936 classic Yiddle and His Fiddle. In it, a poor father and daughter join a band of nomadic musicians and roam across the Polish countryside. The girl, Yiddle, disguises herself as a boy so she can travel unhindered. But a proverbial wrench is thrown into the system when the sassy Yiddle falls hopelessly in love with a fellow band member. Most films of this era were filmed inside Warsaw studios, but this one was shot in the picturesque town of Kazimierz, where Jewish and Polish locals filled in as extras. Watching it today, you get a rare glimpse at a way of life destroyed by the Holocaust. Catch the free screening at 3:30 p.m. at Florida Atlantic University, 777 Glades Rd., Boca Raton. Can't make it? Buy a copy of the movie from, and bump it from its position at 42,019 on the VHS sales chart up to a more deserving 41,939 or so. Call 561-297-3022.

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