Snow: It's Cool

There’s something so fascinating about matter’s phase changes. As a liquid, H2O is pretty mundane – after all we see it every day. As it vaporizes it creates steam, which has a much more mysterious (and spa-friendly) quality. But by far the coolest of its forms is snow. That one change of matter is enough to inspire seasonal good cheer, myriad holiday anthems, and quite possibly the best thing of all: snowball fights. This weekend you and your family can break out the scarves and earmuffs and play in a big ol’ pile of the stuff (25 tons in fact!) during Polar Paradise Weekend at the Museum of Discovery and Science! Of course, as Floridians, there are certain concessions we must accept in our snow, mainly that it’s produced by a machine and not by the atmosphere or “holiday gods.” But still! How neat!

And to accompany the white mountain there will be fun, interactive (and even educational, but you don’t have to tell the kids that) science activities and lectures throughout each day. Possibly best thing of all is the return of the story that’s so heart-warming that it might just melt the snow: Polar Express 3D. (A word of warning to parents: purchase your movie tickets in advance and get in line early; it’s hugely popular. You don’t want another Hanna Montana fiasco.) The whole thing runs from Friday through Sunday, so today is your last chance to take part in the fun. Get the whole scoop at, or call 954-467-6637. Ticket prices vary based on activities desired.
Nov. 23-25, 2007

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Jamie Laughlin