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Sole Survivors

Rick Derringer is rock ΄n’ roll’s cockroach: Dude has been everywhere, produced everything, played in all your favorite hit songs, and probably will outlast all of us. Plus, his resume is like the real-life version of Spinal Tap: His first break came in 1965, when his cheeky pop rock band The McCoys released “Hang on Sloopy.” (Drunken frat boys in Ohio would someday thank him.) In the ΄70s, he hooked up with those weird looking albino guys, Johnny and Edgar Winter, and recorded mega-hits “Frankenstein,” “Free Ride,” and “Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo.” Everyone forgot about him, and then in the ΄80s he made yet another comeback, this time working with Weird Al Yankovic and Cyndi Lauper on their best stuff. He also wrote the entrance music for Hulk Hogan. In the ΄90s he started playing smooth jazz and Christian rock. He…he…HE WON’T GO AWAY, GODDAMN IT!

Now, Derringer’s showing up in – of all places – Weston. He’s bringing with him his group RPM; the Rock & Pop Masters, an all-sorta’-star group featuring former members of Santana, Orleans, The Rascals, The Atlanta Rhythm Section, and Survivor. (Yeah, Survivor!) Each member (heh, member) will sing a couple of his hit songs, chat with the crowd, and probably do a hefty bit of reminiscing on stage. Which is cool, ´cause Derringer and company, even if they are like undying arthropods, are pretty frickin’ sweet musicians. Check out the free show, put on by the city of Weston and the Weston Rotary Club, this Saturday at 7 p.m. at the Weston Regional Park (20200 Saddle Creek Rd., Weston). Visit for more info.
Sat., March 1, 2008

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John Linn

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