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Stan by Your Man

and your mountains

THU 12/30

Proving that at least some of your tax dollars are being used wisely, the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service has put together a sublime collection of American landscapes by nature photographer Stan Jorstad. So who's Stan Jorstad? He was the cinematographer for the TV show Wild Kingdom back in the '60s, and he's so important that Robert Redford wrote the preface to his book. Still not impressed? Then have a look at his photos.

Presented, sort of, as a photographic version of "America the Beautiful" (there's purple mountains majesty, spacious skies, etc.), the collection of 44 photographs transcends its context to offer a God's-eye view of some of the most beautiful places America has to offer. Jorstad's stated agenda is to convince us of the importance of preserving America's national parks. Taken as a whole, these panoramic photographs constitute an argument in the defense of nature so compelling that it could make an industrialist weep. Well, maybe. Anyway, it's more compelling than the argument you usually get from your Muesli-eating, Birkenstock-wearing hippie. These Rare Lands is on display through January 29 at the Sunrise Civic Center Gallery (10610 W. Oakland Park Blvd., Sunrise). Admission is free. Call 954-747-4641. -- Jeff Megahan

A Bed of Money?

Over nine dead bodies

THU 12/30

Going out to watch G-rated Christmas movies may not be your cup of cocoa. But that's OK because there's a spicy, R-rated alternative with the Thursday-night screening of Nine Dead Gay Guys at the Pride Factory (845 N. Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale). The story follows two London pub crawlers who perform certain, uh, favors for older men in exchange for some dough. But when one of the geezers keels over, mid-shagging, the lads realize they'd better find another line of work -- that is, until they hear about a mythical bed full of money. Unfortunately, this too comes with a price, as eight more gay guys meet their varied deaths. Deuce Bigalow never had it this rough. The free screening starts at 8 p.m. Call 954-463-6600. -- Jason Budjinski

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