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Starr F&*%$#s

There’s something tragic about rock stars who become painters or photographers after their music careers have already taken them to stardom. Not because the combination is illogical — music is art, after all, so it only makes sense that their artistic ambitions don’t just stop and start with whacking drums or strumming a guitar. It’s not because their artwork is generally poor — there’s a ton of people out there creating bad art, so why shouldn’t rock stars not be allowed to produce crap too? No, it’s the cult of personality that surrounds their work; the fact that, no matter how dreadful said rock star’s paintings are, people will rush to defend them as legitimate.

It would be so easy to criticize Ringo Starr’s latest art exhibit “Abstract Face,” appearing June 27 through July 3 across from the Hard Rock Café in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino (One Seminole Way, Hollywood) for all these reasons. There’s no denying his paintings are bad — they look like something created on an afternoon drunk with nothing but a poor-tracking mouse and MS Paint. They mostly consist of blocky, thickly-outlined faces wearing an expression somewhere between vacant and gonzo, with a non sequitur like “Yer Baby” or “Is it 'Time'” floating next to their disembodied heads. The paintings are available for sale, too, which is OK if only because Ringo is donating all proceeds to charity (though a vague one that simultaneously combats cerebral palsy and animal abuse). But forget all that. Ringo Starr is a Beatle, and he’s pretty much the man, so he’s totally forgiven for producing some zany crap. What “Abstract Faces” really is, is proof positive of what everyone’s thought all along: Ringo is off his rocker. Like, mental-but-still-loveable-uncle crazy. Plus, he’s quite obviously a fun guy who doesn’t really give a shit what people think of him. And that is totally praiseworthy. For info on the exhibit or VIP reception (for which you must spend $2,950 to attend… eesh), call 888-513-8385.
June 27-July 3, 2008

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