Start Your Engines

It’s no secret the economy is sputtering like an engine in dire need of a tune up. Once-vibrant downtown areas are floundering, especially on weekdays when turnout is low. It wasn’t that long ago when Downtown Lake Worth was feeling that pinch. But if you head to down on a Thursday these days, you’ll hear a sound symbolic of strength, industry, and prosperity: the furious revving of motorcycle engines. It’s emanating with gusto from the pipes of bikers taking part in Lake Worth Bike Night, a weekly gathering that began in December and has blossomed into a full-on roar. “We get over 1000 bikes sometimes, riders from Tequesta to Miami and everywhere in between,” says Adam Raizin, a real estate agent who started the night to not only bring business back to Downtown Lake Worth establishments and support the biker community, but also to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. “[Before this] people didn’t know about Lake Worth and that we have a great town. Now businesses and restaurants are doing better.”

That could be because businesses all along Lake and Lucerne avenues in Downtown are offering unique specials each Thursday for bikers, ladies dressed as pin-up vixens, or anyone carrying a Cherry Card, a discount card available for free at Studio 205 (600 Lake Ave.). Take the Cottage (522 Lucerne Ave.), which will be hosting a ’50s style Sock Hop tonight, complete with music from Slip and the Spinouts. If you’re looking to eat, you could check out Ouzo Blue (707 Lake Ave.), a new Greek eatery offering 10% to 15% off your check, or Taco Lady (7 N. "L" St.), whose Big Daddy wet burritos are only eclipsed by $4 hard-shell taco and softdrink specials. South Shores Tavern (502 Lucerne) is also getting in on the mix, with live music performances, free drinks for pin-up vixens, a host of drink specials, and 20% off entire checks for cardholders. There’s even a vendor pavilion behind Havana Hideout (509 Lake Ave.) where you can buy t-shirts, bike merch, and raffle tickets for nightly giveaways, each supporting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. All told, over 30 businesses are participating, so there’s something for any palate — road-tested or otherwise. For more information visit, or call 561-856-1234.
Thursdays, 2010

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John Linn