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Street Fighting Dan

Danny Diablo takes on Fort Lauderdale

THU 12/1

Fred Durst and his ilk of rap-metal frontmen know how to go through the motions, but c'mon, who are they kidding? Those dudes are about as street-tough as Michael Jackson. Now, Danny Diablo — there's a guy who ain't front- in'. Having grown up on the grittier side of Queens, New York, the hip-hop/hardcore frontman had to fight his way up through the rough-and-tumble New York hardcore scene. But if there was one advantage to Diablo's inner-city upbringing, it was the vast musical riches he was exposed to.

Having cut his teeth on a scene that spawned hardcore legends like the Gorilla Biscuits, Diablo carried the mic, so to speak, into the '90s, forming Crown of Thornz in 1994 and Skarhead (with members of Madball) a year later.

However, a smooth ride was not in the cards for Diablo. In a scene notorious for violence, Diablo was served his fair share of knuckle sandwiches, which he gladly shared in return. But that didn't keep Skarhead from touring with the likes of the Misfits, GWAR, and Hatebreed, as well as a spot on the 1999 Warped Tour. So when Skarhead came to an end in 2002, Diablo had no choice but to keep the momentum going with his latest self-named project. If you're thinking along the lines of the Transplants, you're pretty close. Hell, Diablo did a little vocal work on that band's debut album. Now it's high time he ventured out on his own. And if anyone has a problem with Diablo, well, he doesn't give a fuck. Diablo joins Vietnom DMS, Agents of Man, and Ringworm on Thursday at Revolution (200 W. Broward Blvd., Fort Lauderdale). Tickets for the all-ages show cost $12. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Call 954-727-0950, or visit — Jason Budjinski

Mystery Dance


FRI 12/2

Retired ballet dancers aren't the most sought-after interview subjects — even less so when the interviewer's a college student doing research for a paper. So when a probing young woman and her husband claim to be interested in learning about Tobi Powell's career, the aging star would do well to assume there's something else they're looking for. And in Stephen Belber's play Match, that's exactly the case. Lisa Davis says she's doing a dissertation on the development of classical dance choreography and has brought along her husband, Mike, for assistance. However, Tobi's career history is of interest to the couple — just not the dancing. There's a deeper history, and it involves Mike's mother, who also was a dancer around the same time as Tobi, and possibly, his father. The problem is, Mike never knew the guy. Will Tobi provide the info they want or merely the info they pretend to want? Match opens Friday at the American Heritage Center for the Arts (12200 W. Broward Blvd., Bldg. 3000, Plantation). The play runs through December 18. Tickets cost $29 for adults, $23 for seniors 65 and older, and $15 for students. Call 954-577-8243, or visit — Jason Budjinski

Condo Comedy?

Nah, this granny's for everyone

SAT 12/3

The holiday season is upon us, but this year, Grandma didn't get run over by a reindeer. In fact, Grandma may just be the Last Comic Standing. Meet Grandma Lee, a 71-year-old grandmother of 32 — and obviously the life of the party at family gatherings. Lee first tried her experienced hand at standup some years ago. Since then, she's been making more than just the members of her large brood roll on the floor. Lee has been a finalist on the reality series Last Comic Standing and a featured funnywoman on stages across the country. Her performance at the Atlantic Theater (6743 W. Indiantown Rd., No. 34, Jupiter) comes as part of a series called "BYOB Comedy Nights," a unique concept that encourages audience members to bring their own drinks to the show, thus ensuring they are well-lubricated and easily amused. Two-drink minimums be damned. Get drunk with Grandma this Saturday at 8 p.m. Tickets cost $18 to $20. Also performing is Kevin Whelan. Call 561-575-3271, or visit — Lewis Goldberg


SAT 12/3

Jason Mraz thinks he's hot shit. The 28-year-old singer/songwriter from Mechanicsville, Virginia, has got the self-assured swagger and smart-assed wit of a college BMOC — but he's also got the easygoing, good-time licks to back up his bravado. Mraz cut his teeth on the collegiate coffeehouse/frat-party circuit, honing his slightly funky, acoustic pop-rock songs to the delight of an ever-growing legion of fans. Mraz is a funny guy too. Even if you haven't heard his two studio albums, Waiting for My Rocket to Come or the recently released Mr. A-Z, you might've caught him skewering pop culture on any one of a number of cable TV shows. It'll be interesting to see what happens when Mraz brings his party to the upscale and refined Mizner Park Amphitheater (590 Plaza Real, Boca Raton) at 8 p.m. Saturday. Tickets cost $30. Call 561-966-3309. — Lewis Goldberg

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