Taco Treasures

We've all got our college classes to attend, our TPS reports to finish, and our kids to chauffeur around, but every once in a while we, as Floridians, need to be reminded of why we choose to stay here: the lazy Florida life, with its salty beach bars and Buffett-esque philosophies, is a damn fine way to live. That's the reason why we New Times staffers, diligent and hard-working folk all, have made Taco Tuesdays at the Treasure Trove (2923 SE 5th St., Fort Lauderdale) our favorite weekly ritual.

Why? Well, just walking into the divey beach bar makes you feel like for that hour lunch break (well, hour and a half -- sorry, boss) you're as care-free as every Floridian has the right to be. Each Tuesday the Trove serves up some of the most delicious tacos you'll get this side of Palm Beach County. We're talking a fresh corn tortilla tossed on the griddle until its edges crisp with smoky flavor, layered with a fist-sized mound of juicy shredded chicken or beef, and topped with layers of Colby-jack cheese, crunchy bits of lettuce, and chunks of sweet, vine-ripened tomato. Douse it with a squirt of blistering hot sauce (the Trove's wall o' sauces has a fix for any pepper fan) and you've got the perfect taco. And although great eats alone is usually enough to ease the heart of any hard-working dog, it's the price that really jibes with us. Each little bundle of taco heaven costs just one buck. Toss in a homemade margarita or a cold Corona for $3.75 each, and you've got a lunch break fit for La Vida Florida. Call 954-522-8385.
Tuesdays, 2007

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John Linn