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Take a Drag

SUN 2/1

Outlaw Street Drags are known for their low-tech, down-and-dirty, my-car-is-hotter-than-your-car style of competition. There's a name for it: "grudge racing." No trophies, just glory. Well, unless you count your opponent's muffler as a trophy.

If you think your ride can smoke most others in a showdown, this is the place to prove it. Drive out to the giant slab of asphalt also known as Moroso Motorsports Park, 17047 Beeline Hwy., Jupiter. Savor the Jeff Gordon moment as you notice the sign that declares "Race cars only beyond this point" and cruise right past. Pull in line behind the other amateur racers to wait for your car inspection. As you idle, hear the announcer over the loudspeaker saying, "Please keep your speed to 10 miles per hour around the parking lot. However, what you do on the track is your business."

Inspectors give your car the once-over and ask you to flash your driver's license and snap your seatbelt. It doesn't matter whether the vehicle belongs to you, your grandma, or Budget Rent-a-Car; you don't need to show proof of ownership. Next, pull up to the starting line, where you get to spin your wheels and intimidate the guy or girl you're racing against (two cars race side by side on the quarter-mile strip at once.) Stare at the "Christmas Tree," the signal that goes from red to yellow to green. The second the yellow light goes out, stomp on the pedal on your right.

Once your race is over, you can get a time slip -- a printout telling you the detailed stats about your run, including reaction time, mph, and the number of seconds it took you to reach the finish line at Moroso's "Test n' Tune" sessions on Wednesday and Friday nights, but as Vice President Laura South puts it, "Outlaw Street Drags are a little bit more of a cultural hangout." Admission is $15 for racers, $10 for spectators. Races start at 11 a.m. Call 561-622-1400.


Are you ready for some football?

SUN 2/1

Apple pie, Chevrolet, rock 'n' roll, and stars and stripes are all undoubtedly American in every aspect. The Super Bowl deserves to be added to this short list. What's more American than a night of championship football, glitzy halftime shows, overpriced commercials, and champagne popping trophy presentations? Yes, the final game of the 2003 NFL season, determining who goes home with the Lombardi trophy, happens on Sunday. New England and Carolina battle on the Reliant Stadium gridiron, with one squad emerging battered and bruised to proclaim it is indeed going to Disney World. And this year, we've been given two weeks to prepare following the conference championships. So no excuses for anyone left out in the cold without a solid plan for the evening. And what better possible plan than to visit Fort Lauderdale's Riverfront as thousands of your closest pigskin brethren take to the streets to view the game on a myriad of big screens while imbibing every possible intoxicant known to man? Big 106 and 94.9 Zeta let you do just that during their seventh-annual Super Block Party, which takes place along Himmarshee. The event kicks off at 4 p.m. and runs until the game is over. Call 954-862-3306. -- Russ Evans

Catch This!

Slippin' discs at the park

THU 1/29

You know, Frisbees are not just for dogs, kids, and cheesy Doublemint commercials. Anyone, including grownups, can derive tons of pleasure from tossing around the plastic discs for hours. That's why sports and fitness enthusiasts from all over might want to check out the weekly Ultimate Frisbee games on Thursdays at Dyer Park (7301 Haverhill Rd., West Palm Beach). You gotta love a sport that combines elements of soccer, basketball, and football and whose rules dictate that players cannot let unsportsman-like behavior interfere with "the joy of play." The competition starts at 8 p.m. and is open to men and women of all skill levels, even those with no Frisbee-throwing experience. Not that they'll be checking résumés. And the good thing about this endeavor, besides its being fun and physically challenging, is there's no equipment or uniform to buy. Just slap on a T-shirt and a pair of sneakers and you're good to go. You might even meet someone you like. Not that we're trying to play Cupid. Nor are we saying couples aren't welcome. Ah, anyway, for more info, call 561-966-6620. -- Russ Evans

Running on Empty

WED 1/4

Tired of braving oncoming traffic and breathing automobile exhaust in the name of a decent jog? How about heading to the beach? The South Florida Striders' weekly Wednesday-night run on the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk, starting from the Johnson Street Bandshell, begins at 6:15 p.m. Runners of all levels of skill are welcome, whether you're out and about for fitness, leisure, or serious training. And while you're partaking in the glorious ocean breeze, if you like what you see, you might even decide to join the Striders and take part in some of their upcoming club meetings, socials, road trips, and 5k runs and fitness walks. So lace them up tight and get in a good stretch. The Striders average 25 to 30 participants each week and head for a post-workout meal at Angelo's Pizzarant after the run. Call 954-442-0129, or visit www.sfrf.org. -- Russ Evans

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