Ten Best Beaches in Broward and Palm Beach

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5. John U. Lloyd Beach State Park
Just north of Dania Beach is a beach you may normally skip over but should strongly consider in the future making your go-to beach spot. Once mostly known as a sea-turtle nesting site, things have changed rapidly over the years as John U. Lloyd Beach State Park has become a fun place for nature enthusiasts to go kayaking, scuba diving, fishing, or simply nature observing over the past decade. What this beach lacks in nightlife and glamour, it gains back in beauty, education, and meaningfulness. John U. Lloyd Beach State Park might be your best choice if you have younger children who would get a kick out of even being told certain animal life is in the area and aren't too old to scoff at a little bit of education mixed in with their sandcastle-making. 
4. Hallandale Beach 
You've read enough about beaches at this point to know that all great beaches are not created equal. Some bring the fancy, touristy restaurants, drinking scene, and live music events; others' appeal is solely based on the fact that you can go to the beach without too much hassle. It's up to you to decide which you're in the mood for, but if it's simple and beautiful you're looking for, Hallandale Beach should be your top pick. Not as quiet as Pompano Beach but not as chaotic as Hollywood, Hallandale Beach relies on its village-like atmosphere to appeal to residents. The views are nice in most areas in Hallandale because the beach isn't overrun with tents, structures, or vegetation. Sometimes just more beach is better.
3. Lauderdale-by-the-Sea
Lauderdale-by-the-Sea is known as the locals' beach; it's where you go to relax, dive, fish, and escape the normalcy that surrounds most other Broward beaches. No skyrises here. No trendy, hip restaurants. No tourist traps. Just a laid-back vibe that comes with a family-oriented beach Broward residents have enjoyed for decades. Just outside of Aruba's is a chill-out area (pictured above) that is terrific to sit down and spend a day drinking coffee, reading a book, or eating some ice cream.

Lauderdale-by-the-Sea's calling card that makes it unique is being best-known for its diving scene that thrives in large thanks to the three-tier natural coral reef system that rests just a few yards offshore. Just the basics at this beach: fishing, diving, relaxation, food, and fun. You could do much worse.
2. Fort Lauderdale Beach 
Once upon a time, Fort Lauderdale Beach was best-known for being spring-break mecca, but these days, it's less partyland, more Margaritaville. The miles of beautiful beaches lined with convenient cafés and entertaining options makes Fort Lauderdale Beach one of the finer destinations to grab your sunshine in the entire state. Much of Fort Lauderdale Beach has been newly renovated, transformed from disheveled and used to chic and luxurious. What sets Fort Lauderdale Beach apart from others is the immaculate towering real estate that surrounds the area and the attention to detail in the architecture, all of which makes it such a popular tourist stop for out-of-towners and a wonderful luxury to have at locals' disposal.
1. Hollywood Beach
The cream of the crop when it comes to beaches in Broward has to be Hollywood beach. The 1920s-style oceanfront promenade Broadwalk alone sets Hollywood Beach apart from the rest, but there is so much more that makes Hollywood Beach the crown jewel of beaches in Broward. Being a beautiful, clean, and spacious beach is just part of the draw. Somehow this beach, located within one of the largest cities in South Florida, gives off a small-town feel, mixed with a big-town vibe. The newly opened Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort only cements Hollywood Beach as the go-to beach destination in South Florida. 
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