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The Foxtrot That Sank Next Season

Did you happen to catch Dolphin’s key defensive end Jason Taylor on his first night of Dancing with the Stars? JT was off the hook, kid. He was gliding around the floor like a man possessed, gracefully dipping and twirling partner Edytas Liwinska (soooo hot!) with style and poise. And with his shiny bald pate, dude looked as suave as Yul Brynner in The King and I. Judges praised his posture and technique, but Jesus-Christ-on-a-stick, did you see his wingspan? As he spun Liwinska in one smooth motion his arms reached maximum spread, covering at least half the dance floor. Not only is that going to make him formidable competition to R&B singer and fellow star dancer Mario, that’s going to scare offensive tackles all around the NFL.

It might also scare sports pundits, who have posited that Taylor’s turn on the hit network show might interfere with his ability to train and play with the Fins next season. Truth be told, do we even know if he’ll be back? Parcells is in the front office, after all. And after such a smooth showing, JT’s stay on the show will no doubt be for the long haul. Still, Taylor’s many fans are nothing less than ecstatic about his aptitude on the dance floor, and they’re letting the world know it with the Jason Taylor Fan Club Official Watch Party at Swig Bartini (1744 Main St., Weston). Each Monday, friends and fans of JT will gather at 8 p.m. to watch the drama unfold on the dancing field. Since you don’t know if you’ll be able to root for Taylor next year, you may as well do it now. Plus, it’s free! Call 954-349-2102.
Mon., March 31, 2008

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John Linn

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