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The Getback Are Back

Not all bands reared on ´90s pop-punk grew up to become smarmy alt-rock pretty-boys like Yellowcard. Many went in the opposite direction, embracing a more roots-oriented style of punk. When Miami’s Getback released its first EP in 2003, the band had finally come into its own, combining the bluesy guitar riffs of the Stones with the catchy, chorus-driven punk of the Ramones. And, thankfully, a new name.

Having formed in 1998 under the ill-fated name Corky (yes, the Life Goes On Corky), the four-piece led by guitarist/vocalist Jose Flores became the Getback in late 2002, just in time for the release of an EP (Right About Now) and shows with national acts (Teen Idols, Agent Orange, Groovie Ghoulies). However, Flores’s partying got a little too hardy. After being AWOL for a few shows, Flores took some time off to clean up, leaving vocal duties to drummer Juan Rotulo. The band planned on working it through, but one thing led to another…

“When I cleaned up, the guys wanted to book a summer 2004 tour,” Flores recalls. “I didn't feel confident enough to go on tour, worried that I might slip back into old habits. I was given an option: ‘Either go on tour, or we'll go on without you.’ So, I guess I left the band. They did not go on. It just kind of ended. No real breakup, just an understanding that we weren't doing the Getback anymore.”

The Getback’s last show was in March 2004, at the VFW hall in Delray Beach. And although the four have remained in touch, the rock had stopped. But for Flores, the itch to play has only grown the longer he’s been without a band. “I'd love to keep doing the Getback, ” Flores notes. “We just want to go out there and have some fun, at least one more time.” With that, the Getback’s comeback starts at 10 p.m. Friday with Scott Biram, the Stay Hitt, Remnants, and Libyan Hit Squad at Churchill’s Pub (5501 NE Second Ave., Miami). Admission costs $6. Call 305-757-1807.
Fri., Feb. 3

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Jason Budjinski

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