The Ghost With the Most

It’s no secret that ghosts never age — the fluffy specters gain all the benefits of growing older and wiser without ever experiencing an added wrinkle or blemish. And since they love to mature (you never have to console them when they pout about their graying hair), ghost birthday parties are the best kind. So when our favorite ethereal toy shop and local pop art mecca Pink Ghost (21 W. Las Olas Blvd., Suite B, Fort Lauderdale) celebrates its first anniversary, you can expect it will be an awesome birthday party extravaganza! Go ghosties!

Yep, the coolest little shop around — you know, the one with the huge assortment of the latest vinyl toys, figurines, neat-o accessories, oddball books, hip apparel, and art prints, not to mention the monthly pop art shows with the quirkiest local artists and bands holding court — is so excited to be turning one, they want all their living pals (that’s you!) to come join them in celebration. Co-owners Paola and Andrea Mendez say they’re amazed how much South Florida has embraced Pink Ghost in just one year, so they’ve baked up a fresh batch of cupcakes and enlisted the help of two artists, three rockin’ bands, and a vinyl toy designer to say thanks.

The party kicks off at 7 p.m. today with a new, collaborative art show opening called "Sundae Sweethearts” — a candy-themed exhibition that melds Liz “Miss Kika” Lorini’s knack for girlish, stencilized illustrations with Danielle Lamberti’s sugary femme cuteness. Then at 8, Pink Ghost busts out the music: Deerfield Beach experimental unit Fantastic Amazing will blaze through a set of brooding, instrumental tunes and riff-driven rock (kinda like Butthole Surfers and Agent Orange ON 'ROIDS); synth-pop group CTRL CTRL (Control Control) will add some levity, with soft-spoken indie rock that would sound right at home in a Sophia Coppola flick; and acoustic jammers Man & Wife will round out any rough edges. Plus, the Ghost will be raffling away exclusive, limited edition Flocked Mellow toys by designer Christopher Lee (it looks like a melancholy, but friendly, Gossamer from Looney Tunes). Everyone gets in totally free (free!!), and the first 20 folks in the door will get a goodie bag full of surprises (surprises!!). Woo! For more info, visit
Sat., Dec. 15, 2007

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John Linn