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The Great Gong Sees All...

A giant, gold gong that you could smack to shut people up would be useful. Say your boss is asking you to work the weekend – apparently there have been staff shortages and problems with the supply chai…GOOOOOOONNNGGGGG! Problem solved. Oh what’s that? Your friend from college who’s too busy to see you wants help moving next Saturday, and it really won’t be that bad because he’s already packed his collecti- GOOOOOONNNNGGGG! You need to write about that dog show for the weirdass weekly newspap… - GOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG! See, it works in any situation. For all these reasons, the folks at Dada (52 N. Swinton Ave., Delray) have decided to draw on the power of the gong for their Sunday night talent fiesta, the Gong Show. Hosted by Chris Imperial (he of erotic poetry slam fame), the contest-cum-variety hour will ask locals to step on stage for the chance to win over $1000 in cash prizes. The catch: Your talent for juggling knives might impress your grandma, but the Great Gong has a far more refined palate. According to Imperial, skills that border on the bizarre are favored over those that might land you a spot on American Idol. But even if the entrants stink, watching a hopeful get his or her spirits crushed by a crashing gong never gets old. Tonight's event is the grand finals, with the winner taking home $1000 in cold, hard cash. The following are the finalists, culled from the previous shows - only five spots remain for walk-ins:

Tha Slim One ( Ft. Laud )

Lil' Bit ( Ft. Laud )

Open Mic Kings ( Ft. Laud )

Jay Smoove ( West Palm Beach )

Precious ( West Palm Beach )

Dino Ferrari ( Ft. Laud )

Urban Horror Clique ( Delray )

Sewerside ( Boca )

Thor ( Chicago )

Xavier Hawk ( Boca )

Choppdevize ( Ft. Laud )

Palm Beach Popz ( West Palm Beach )

Sudden Death Symphony ( Ft. Laud )

Divine ( West Palm Beach )

Joker ( West Palm Beach )

G-MAN ( Port St. Lucie )

Tyler Tunes ( Chicago )

Bobbi Conwell ( West Palm Beach )

Pinky, Tha Detroit Throwdown ( Detroit )
Sun., March 22, 9 p.m., 2009

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John Linn

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