The Iceman Cometh Again

It’s one of the oldest adages of fame: once your big break hits, you’re destined to forget all the little people, without whose steadfast support you’d have never risen to the top. Somehow, South Florida’s own local-DJ-done-good, DJ Icey, didn’t get that memo. The Orlando spinster began his ascendancy to the electro throne with his legendary ´90s residency at the Edge, spreading thick layers of SoFla-style breakbeats around the globe like jam on crusty raver toast (and fostering two generations of Florida breaks gurus, including the “Mixtress” DJ Baby Anne and her protégé Jen Lasher in the process). Since then, Icey’s founded two major breaks imprints – Zone and Tree records – and his recently created weekly time slot on Sirius Satellite Radio called “Automatic Static,” where the mix wizard gets to spin his signature “funky breaks” to a national audience each Saturday night at 11 (rebroadcast Tuesdays at 11 p.m.). But despite all that, Icey’s never forgotten where he came from; even though he’s touring the U.S. to promote his new mix CD Disco Rodeo, he’s making sure to give props to South Florida. Plan on a nightlong session just one door down from where Icey got his biggest break when he takes on Voodoo Lounge (111 SW Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale) this Friday night. Call 954-522-0733.
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John Linn