The Posters of Our Lives

Replacing the childish Peter Pan poster on your bedroom wall for the one of Slash in his notorious top hat signified a time of growth. Jon Bon Jovi’s close-up put puberty in overdrive. The teenage years beckoned when black light posters were all the rage; then on to college with its vintage beer posters and portraits of Bob Marley.

Each phase of our life deserves a poster and, after the crazed days of maturing into an adult, shopping at generic poster websites shouldn’t cut it. You didn’t go through youthful angst to remain in the undistinguished pack now. Pick a new look when Enticement Design and Twilight Notes present “Dialect,” a poster design show exhibiting art prints from nine graphic artists — Michelle Stevens, Ilian Velasco, Matylda Mcilvenny, Jose Lopez, Olga Volkus, Luis Aguilera, Raymond Brown, Gina Bentivegna, and Peter Agardy. Music from Twilight Notes’ Vinwat and Adam Forster, plus Utopia Syndrome with special guest Manuel Manrekord, will also be featured. And for those who think they’ve outgrown the poster art form, think only of the sophistication once you’ve added the frame.

“Dialect” hits the walls this Wednesday at 8 p.m. at Brew Urban Café (209 SW Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale). The event is free, and coffee and beer will be available for purchase. Visit for more info.
Wed., July 22, 8 p.m., 2009

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Mickie Centrone