The Powers of 10x10

Perhaps you’ve heard of Showtel, hands-down Palm Beach County’s coolest annual art exhibit. Organized by independent curator Kara Walker-Tomé for the past eight years, Showtel lets artists take over hotel rooms at West Palm Beach’s Hotel Biba for a night. In each room, the art is built in a three-dimensional space; the walls, ceiling, floors — the entire room works as the canvas. Visitors can enter and fully be immersed into the art, literally.

Now, for the third year, comes Walker-Tome’s latest cultural highlight, 10x10. It’s pretty much the same concept — artists create temporary installations in an unlikely place — but this time, the location is at a storage facility. Like Showtel, the awesomeness is fleeting: it lasts one night only — this Saturday from 6 to 10 p.m. at Lake Worth Storage (4166 S. Military Trail, Lake Worth).

Upon entering 10x10, you’ll roam through a cavernous facility of hundreds of storage units to discover 17 installations in ten-by-ten-foot rooms. “For 10x10, I intentionally spread the units out,” Walker-Tomé says. “Walking through the non-descript hallways of closed units with the institutional lighting and everything looks the same and then when you come upon an installation it is a wonderful surprise to all of your senses. Then you are excited to search the next one out. It is a way of fully engaging the audience. This way, the show as a whole experience becomes memorable as well as the art.” This year's exhibit will also include four performance-based works. Admission cost $6. Call 561-670-9658.
Sat., Nov. 21, 6 p.m., 2009

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Mickie Centrone