The Queen of Mean

Kathy Griffin has a vicious mean streak. God help the celebrity who finds himself or herself on the receiving end of one of her barbed zingers. But her sharp tongue is what makes her so funny, and truth be told, many of her targets probably deserve the abuse. You can’t be an unrepentant idiot in the public eye and expect that someone won’t call you out on it. That said, there’s more to Kathy Griffin’s repertoire than jokes about anorexic supermodels and celebrity plastic surgery disasters, and that’s why in the male-dominated world of stand-up comedy, Griffin is one of the top draws on the circuit. She’s been on sitcoms like Seinfeld and Suddenly Susan, appeared in more than a dozen films, and has done nearly as many things on reality TV as she’s famously had “done” to her face. Maybe she’ll get something else “done” when she’s in town for The Bud Light South Beach Comedy Festival. She’ll open the festival Wednesday night with shows at 7 and 9:30 p.m. at The Colony Theater (1040 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach). Tickets are $36. Also performing over the course of the festival (Wednesday, January 18 through Sunday, January 21) are Dane Cook, David Spade, DL Hughley and others. Call 305-674-1040.
Wed., Jan. 18
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Lewis Goldberg