The Story of the Three Bars

Wednesday, New Times will be dressed up as Goldilocks at the Ghoulish Gathering: Halloween Dance Party at Monterey Club. Our tale started last weekend, when we walked right into downtown Fort Lauderdale. At the first dance floor we tried, napkins littered the ground, ’90s hip-hop blasted out of the speakers, and the lighting made us feel like we were dancing at high noon. No, thank you. We then strolled down Second Street, perked our ears at each door, and... next, next, next. Finally, we heard “Stayin’ Alive,” so we strutted inside, but the second dance floor was dead and pitch black. Once again, no, thank you. But, tonight, a few miles south, right past State Road 84, off U.S. 1, you’ll find a dance floor that’s just right.

At the costume dance party at Monterey, DJs LinderSMASH and Andie SweetSwirl will focus on playing ’80s new wave, indie, rock, goth — and whatever “the ghouls” are into. Body Art by Keegan will be present to paint faces and bodies. There will be a costume contest — think scariest costume, sluttiest costume, and so forth. Prizes: The Monterey Club will give away a $50 bar tab, and Florida Super Comics and Games, which is sponsoring the event, will give away Walking Dead promo stuff along with comics, cash, and gift certificates, which can be used at their grand opening Saturday, October 30, at 5917 S. University Drive in Davie; visit If you want to dress as one of the three bears, apply within. No cover at the Monterey Club (2608 S. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale). Call 954-598-1887, or visit
Wed., Oct. 27, 9 p.m., 2010

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Mickie Centrone