The Zombies? I Thought They Were Dead!

When the Zombies didn’t make Florida’s leg of Little Steven’s Garage Rock Showcase last summer, it was the twenty-somethings who were crestfallen. There’s an odd affinity between the group and its fans. Maybe it’s because its lyrics never fit peacefully into the happy-go-lucky stereotypes of the free-love era – they were about absolute destruction and social unraveling. Or it could be that a new generation appreciates the musical composition of the songs – the undead group layers catchy hooks on top of complex instrumentation. Hell, it could even be because they have a great name.

Unfortunately, the Zombies and the Turtles are playing a tour with the world’s worst name: Hippiefest. But for those of you who are able to put your fears of being sandwiched between a dreadlock and a smelly place aside and who can bravely head out to Hard Rock Live (5747 Seminole Way, Hollywood), you’re in for quite a show. The full line-up is: the Zombies, the Turtles, Felix Cavaliere’s Rascals, Mountain, Mitch Ryder, Badfinger, and Country Joe McDonald. So face your fear of tie-dye and you might enjoy this tour as much as (or more than) that random acid flashback you got three months ago in the 7-Eleven. (Sweet, a gift that keeps on giving.) Tickets range $40 - $175. Visit

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Jamie Laughlin