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THU 12 When Anthrax and Public Enemy got together to "Bring the Noise" some 13 years ago, metal bands began their rhythmic transition from straight-forward thrash to a funkier mosh. So it's surprising to hear a new band like Hollywood's Snatch Addicts, which sounds more like the thrash-core of M.O.D...
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THU 12

When Anthrax and Public Enemy got together to "Bring the Noise" some 13 years ago, metal bands began their rhythmic transition from straight-forward thrash to a funkier mosh. So it's surprising to hear a new band like Hollywood's Snatch Addicts, which sounds more like the thrash-core of M.O.D. than the funk-ified nu metal of P.O.D. It's not just the music; the late-'80s aesthetic of goof over gloom is obvious enough just in the band's name. The Snatch Addicts would have fit in nicely at one of those old metal shows at Atlantis Skateway, Palm Beach County's former residence of rock. The band gets caught in a mosh tonight with C-16 at Alligator Alley (1321 E. Commercial Blvd., Oakland Park). The free show starts at 9 p.m. Call 954-771-2220.

FRI 13

It's Friday. And it's the 13th. If you make it through the day without getting poked in the eye by a stray toucan, falling off a 90-foot-cliff, or being chopped to bits by Freddy Krueger, you might wanna meander -- very carefully -- over to the Pompano Indoor Skatepark (2171 Blount Rd.), where owner Lee Mathis throws all-ages concerts all the time. Inside the safe walls of the dark warehouse, you can catch a whole mess of bands, including X-ternal Bliss, Miles to Go, the Contemptibles, Blue Sky Envy, and Strictly Business (from Orlando). The joyous noise costs $7, and it starts at 7:30 p.m. Call 954-979-7966 or visit

SAT 14

If ever there is an archetypal warm-up comic, it's Artie Fletcher. "New York City's Bad Boy" has set the tone for such TV shows as Who Wants to be a Millionaire? and Live with Regis and Kathy Lee, livening up audiences with his comedic entrance. Of course, this doesn't mean Fletcher can't headline his own show -- he's done plenty of that, not to mention fulfilling numerous acting roles, from NYPD Blue and Late Night with Conan O'Brien to an AC/DC video. When Fletcher takes the stage to The Jeffersons theme song -- clapping along amid howls and hoots from the audience -- it's almost like a revival. Granted, Fletcher's material can be a little predictable at times (attention all comics -- we've heard more than enough jokes about airport security and people with "wacky" Arab names). But that's not always a bad thing. Fletcher performs Friday and Saturday at the New York Comedy Club (8221 Glades Rd., Boca Raton). Tickets cost $12, plus a two-item minimum. Call 561-470-6887.

SUN 15

Remember that Latin music explosion craze a few years ago? The way the mainstream press talked about it at the time, you would have thought Ricky Martin was gonna be the next U.S. president with J.Lo as the V.P. OK, so maybe she's the only one still on top of her game (remember, she survived Gigli and Ben), but that doesn't mean Latin culture has fallen out of the mainstream. Maybe in Iowa, but not South Florida, where the Annual Hollywood Beach Latin Festival continues in its 11th year today at the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk (Broadwalk and Johnson Street). The event brings the sights, sounds, and foods of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Peru, and Colombia with live music by Orquesta Brava, Pedro Jesus, DL1, and Charlie Cruz. Like any good cultural event, the festival is held to benefit the local community. Proceeds will be donated to Hispanic Unity of Broward and a Broward Community College scholarship fund. The free event takes place from noon to 8 p.m. Call 954-921-3404.

MON 16

Whether you believe in the predictive powers of a deck of cards, or just need a good party trick, head to Borders Books and Music (700 University Dr., Coral Springs) for a tarot card workshop with Raven Shine at 7:30 p.m. Shine is the author of The Journey Home: A Beginner's Guide to Reading Tarot Cards. It's very possible that she will be joined tonight by her spirit guide, whose name is --- we're not making this up -- Stands Very Tall Black Eagle Feather. According to Raven's website, he "lived one lifetime on the Earth plane as a Native American in the Lakota tribe." We were a little suspicious about her claim --- how come spirit guides are never, like, dead plumbers named Bob? -- until we learned that Black Feather joined Raven in the fall of 1992, in the very normal 'burb of Orange, Connecticut. Seriously. Call 954-630-0953 or visit

TUE 17

American Idol was the number one series on television, with 24 million viewers per episode. So, odds are, at least some of you must be interested in seeing Pop Tarts presents American Idols Live. Ten of the show's 12 finalists will wail a few songs apiece at the Office Depot Center (One Panthers Pkwy., Sunrise). Winner Fantasia Barrino will be joined by runner-up Diana DeGarmo, pink-haired Amy Adams, Celine Dion-lovin' La Toya London, and evangelist George Huff. There's also John Peter Lewis (who gave Will Hung a run for his money in the dance department), John Stevens (a 90-year-old trapped in a 16-year-old's body), Jennifer Hudson (we didn't think that pink dress was so bad!), and a double dose of Hawaiian honeys, Jasmine Trias and Camille Velasco. Not that we're admitting we watched it or anything. Tickets cost $36.50 to $46.50, and the show starts at 7 p.m. Call 954-835-8000 or visit

WED 18

Coming clean from drug and alcohol addiction is not so much about quitting a habit as it is finding a replacement for it. For Jarrett Terrill, the replacement was obvious: art. Though he's been into photography since he was 14, the 26-year-old Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale student took up painting a year ago to aid in his recovery from substance abuse. With influences ranging from celebrity photographer Herb Ritts to the classic forms of Greek mythology, Terrill's work is a combination of portraiture and abstract imagery. The subjects in Terrill's photographs are partially undressed (or altogether nude) to reveal their underlying personalities -- or they're dressed as wood nymphs and placed next to giant mushrooms, invoking more fantasy than emotion. Terrill's paintings, on the other hand, express pure emotion, conveyed through lines and color. His piece Out of the Corners says it all: Terrill's painting himself out of a corner. An exhibit of Terrill's works runs through August 28 at the Stonewall Library (1717 N. Andrews Ave., Fort Lauderdale). Call 954-763-8565.

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