This Week's Day-by-Day Picks

THU 22 Aha! We figured out the mystery! ClueLess on Las Olas is really a pub crawl disguised as interactive murder mystery theater! Show up at the corner of Las Olas Boulevard and SE Ninth Avenue (next to Mangos) at 5:30 p.m. to register for the event. At 7 p.m.,...
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THU 22

Aha! We figured out the mystery! ClueLess on Las Olas is really a pub crawl disguised as interactive murder mystery theater! Show up at the corner of Las Olas Boulevard and SE Ninth Avenue (next to Mangos) at 5:30 p.m. to register for the event. At 7 p.m., an announcer will spin a murder mystery tale and give you a set of clues. Then, you'll be dispatched to the streets to track down the "killer." Suspiciously, you have two hours to pick up clues -- something that, under normal circumstances, should take only about half an hour. This gives you plenty of time to investigate the service, the beer temperature, and your fellow clientele at O'Hara's and Big City Tavern. Don't get all deeply involved, Jodie Foster-style, however. You must remember to return to Mangos at 9 p.m., where anyone who guesses the killer correctly will be entered in a raffle to win two tickets to anywhere on Southwest Airlines, plus a bunch of other prizes. All participants slink away with goody bags. The event is a benefit for Partners in Education and includes a silent auction. Registration costs $30 in advance, $35 at the "door." Pay for three tickets and the fourth is free. Call 954-288-7201.

FRI 23

Think Pretty in Pink and you probably recall the 1986 Molly Ringwald movie, followed by the 1981 Psychedelic Furs song of the same title. But that was all two decades ago. The '80s are long gone, and so is new wave music (for the most part, anyway). And you can bet your Day-Glo tank top you won't hear any synth pop at this Friday's Pretty in Pink Affair at Pepper's Café (3828 N. University Dr., Sunrise). Instead, you'll hear the smooth R&B and slow jams of Killa Mike, Zeekie Don, and Nasheen Fire, as well as special guests Gairy Sweetness and Jr. Flexx. The night starts at 11 p.m. Ladies dressed in pink pay $10 before 1 a.m., and the cost is $15 for everyone else. Pink halter tops and skirts should work; leftover Easter Bunny ears probably won't. Call 954-578-5900.

SAT 24

It's not just life in the fast lane... it's life in the wickedly dangerous, insanely fast lane. Faster is a documentary that follows the world's speediest, ballsiest, and most charismatic motorcycle riders during the MotoGP world championship, which is the pinnacle of motorcycle sport -- a series of 16 races on five continents featuring only the world's 24 top riders. It chronicles the 2000-01 season -- when riders switched from two-stroke to four-stroke engines and the 200-mph speed limit was shattered. The film was directed by Mark Neale, who has made music videos for U2, Peter Gabriel, and Paul Weller and is a biker himself. Don't watch, however, if you have work to do. After narrating the film, Star Wars star Ewan McGregor announced that he's taking a few days off (four months exactly) to embark on a motorcycle tour around the world. Faster plays at Cinema Paradiso at 7 and 9 p.m. Admission costs $7. Call 954-525-3456.

SUN 25

Looking at photos of the elaborately hatted women who regularly attend the Pilgrim Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, you feel like you best pull yourself together. How dare you leave the house looking like that! Have you called your mother lately? And when's the last time you went to church, child? From their straightforward gazes -- stern with hints of kindness -- you immediately sense that these proud women are leaders who hold their community together both culturally and spiritually. As with many of her projects, photographer Julie Moos shot her subjects in pairs, emphasizing a curious tension between them. Moos speaks about her work at 3 p.m. today at the Norton Museum of Art (1451 S. Olive Ave., West Palm Beach), where her exhibition, "Hat Ladies," is on display through July 25. Shine your shoes first, then hustle over there. Call 561-832-5196.

MON 26

In 1995, a pair of Russian immigrants living in California knew it was time to roll out the red carpet for Russian rock 'n' roll, and the Red Elvises were born. Since then, the band has released nearly a dozen albums on its own Shooba-Doobah record label, belting out high-energy surf and rockabilly tunes in English and Russian. Maybe McLaren was right after all. Better red than dead, indeed. The Red Elvises ride their Russian rocket over to Alligator Alley (1321 E. Commercial Blvd., Oakland Park). The show starts at 9 p.m. and costs $10. Call 954-771-2220.

TUE 27

All right, it's time for the retro disco question of the week, as posed by the (unfortunately) still active Village People, who ask, "Where can you find pleasure, search the world for treasure, learn science, technology?" Well, it's not the YMCA, so it must be the Navy. And from April 26 to 30, about 2,000 sailors arrive in town at Port Everglades. Wouldn't it be splendid if a huge party were thrown in honor of their return? Sure it would, and there will be, as tonight's Hollywood Beach Liberty Call takes place at the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk. The free event starts at 6:30 p.m. with Miss Florida USA Kristen Berset (and other title holders) perking up for photo ops at the Hollywood Beach Theater (Broadwalk and Johnson Street), followed by live music from Marijah and the Reggae Allstars. At 8 p.m., the fun moves over to O'Malley's Beachfront Restaurant & Bar (101 N. Ocean Dr., Hollywood) for ladies night at the patio bar and concluding with an upstairs dance party from 9 p.m. to midnight. Remember: No secrets between sailors! Call 954-921-3404.

WED 28

It's that time of year again. SunFest is upon us, popping up like Monday morning's e-mail; if you really dig, you might find some useful tidbits amid the rubbish. Sure, Ian Astbury (the former Cult frontman) may have the Jim Morrison thing down pat, but really; it's more like a cover band than the real deal. And it's not as if the rest of the lineup is much better. Ruben Studdard? Haven't we seen enough of him? You'd do better to check out Wednesday's Sunset Celebration (featuring jugglers, mimes, acrobats, and more), Friday's fireworks show, or the juried art show, which runs Friday through Sunday. Another good thing: The one-day cost of $14 is a friggin' bargain compared to what you'd pay to see half the bands at Sound Advice or Mizner amphitheaters (the cost is $35 in advance for all five days). Wednesday kicks off the event with Hootie and the Blowfish, Fuel, and Fountains of Wayne. Yawn. Call 561-659-5980.

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