Tin Men are a Dime a Dozen

Some children’s stories made you giddy, others made you tuck into a ball and burrow your eyes behind your knees. The Wizard of Oz films probably had both effects. A girl, separated from her family is swept up in a tornado, dropped on a witch, and finds herself surrounded by midgets (sorry, I mean munchkins – but doesn’t that sound worse?). From there she steps into a world of flying monkeys, peculiar friendships, and melting witches. (We’re not even going to talk about Return to Oz, the horror.) But you still slipped that tape back into the BetaMax, over and over and over. You loved how it made you feel, you wanted a pair of ruby slippers, a tin man without a heart (if only you knew how easy it would be to find that later), and basically, you wanted to be Dorothy -- she made small-dogs-as-accessories cool way before Paris Hilton.

Oz is engrained in you, so why don’t you go back? Cornell Museum of Art & American Culture (51 N. Swinton Ave., Delray Beach) has a new exhibit called – you guessed it – “The Wizard of Oz.” The collection covers all variants of the now 100 year-old stories, from book, to stage scripts, and to film. There will be memorabilia galore along with costumes, film stills, and everything else your heart could desire. So go on, girl, click those heels. Tickets cost $4 to $6. “Oz” runs through January 20th, the museum is open all days except Mondays and holidays. Call 561-243-7922.
Nov. 14-Jan. 12, 2007

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Jamie Laughlin