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Uniquely MIA

The Miami-based duo of Tasha and Monica López De Victoria, better known as the TM Sisters, have already garnered national acclaim for their eclectic art — 2D, video, and interactive pieces that marry an indie aesthetic to an almost retro approach to futurism. But with "Ideal Tonight," the pair's first institutional solo show, opening Friday at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, they hope to showcase just how inexorably their work is tied to South Florida. "We're inspired by the colors of Miami, especially the sky. You can't get the sunsets we have here most places in the world," say Tasha and Monica, collectively, as they talk via speakerphone from their Miami home. They're constantly interrupting each other, finishing the other's sentences the way you'd expect two people who've worked and lived together all their life to do. "We've been through the growing up here and being sick of everything phase. We go to other cities [often], but every time we come back it's a breath of fresh air. We're extremely proud of being from here and incorporating what Miami is into our work."

Indeed, their art practically bleeds Miami. It's filled with pastels, dulcet tones that rip from page and screen with spiritual vibrancy. Sharp lines abound, distorting images or collecting in electric zig-zags that bolt around purposefully. They're pieces that would look as much at home on an album cover for some electro-pop band as they do on the walls of a gallery — which isn't to say they simply languish in pop appeal. While the TM Sister's works are immediately gratifying, they contain an extraordinary depth, especially considering the interactive nature of this exhibit. The pair promises some elements of installation art, with pieces that work primarily based on the presence of a spectator. "We don't want to spoil it, but we really want the person viewing [the exhibit] to feel special," they say. "The work will be there whether [the spectator] is there or not, but the other level is if they are there it completes it." In addition, the pair will be collaborating with a live band as one part of the exhibit during Friday's 6 p.m. reception. A corresponding art book ("It's like a fancier version of the zines we've done in the past, with notes, our inspirations, and documentation of our work," says Tasha) will be available for sale and signing.

Head to the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, found at 1650 Harrison St. just off Young Circle. Admission costs $10. Visit artandculturecenter.org, or call 954-921-3274.
Feb. 20-April 5, 2009

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