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Wake and Bake

South Florida is a tough spot to take up surfing. Unless there’s a hurricane or a tropical storm roughing up the coast, it’s tough to find waves here worth waxing down for. But wakeboarding… that’s a sport where Florida’s tranquil, interior waters can be put to good use. The idea is simple: Riders are towed by holding onto a rope affixed to a small motor boat, and they perform tricks on their boards by plunging in and out of the boat’s rocky wake. It’s a blast to watch, and experienced wakeboarders can perform dare-devilish aerial stunts that make skating a half-pipe look pedestrian.

Interested in joining the fun? Well, South Florida Wake, an organization looking to pump up the wakeboarding scene in these parts, is hosting the “Pros and Joes” Wakeboard Fest this Saturday at Okeeheelee Park (7715 Forest Hill Blvd., West Palm Beach). Seasoned pros Scott Byerly, Keith Lidberg, Aaron Reed, Keith Lyman, and Shawn Watson will be showing off their gnarly skills, while 27 local, amateur boarders will get a chance to hang ten with the masters. Plus there’ll be land-friendly activities like carnival games and vendor exhibitions for spectators to soak in. For more info visit www.sfwake.com.
Sat., Nov. 17, 2007

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John Linn

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