Walk it Off

It happens every year: One moment you’re helping your mom with the dishes after the big family meal; the next you’re rolling your eyes, because she’s treating you like you’re a teenager again. As enjoyable as family time can be, the holidays also tend to bring out a lot of stress. Chances are, after a few days — or even just the one — you need to get out of the house to blow off some steam. Yeah, obviously a bar is always a good choice, but every now and then, it’s nice to switch up (and walk off that stuffing). Make yourself useful, and head on down to FAT Village Art Walk on Saturday. Starting at 4 p.m., Cadence is kicking into holiday high gear with yarn bombing in the 400 block of North Andrews Avenue. It sounds more devious than it is — the design team is decorating the neighborhood for the season, and it’s asking for help from the community. Afterward, feel free to stroll through the monthly event. From 7 to 11 p.m., art galleries will be displaying various exhibitions. Food trucks and local vendors will be selling their wares. People will be walking around the streets. And yes, you should be able to hunt down some beer. There is no cost to attend. FAT Village Art Walk takes place around NE Fifth Street and NW First Avenue near downtown Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-769-5900, or visit fatvillage.com.
Sat., Nov. 29, 2014
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Sara Ventiera