Waltzing Down the Rabbit Hole

Some stories just can’t be done through interpretive dance. For example, Platoon would be a bitch to pull off. (Unless of course you got the real Willem Dafoe to express the sadness of being left behind in the Vietnamese jungle by busting into an oddly depressing jitterbug – that man can do anything.) Other tales, like the fantasy-laden children’s classic Alice in Wonderland, just seem to jibe with all the exuberance and high-kicking interpretive dance entails. It’s why Reach Dance Company, a young dance troupe out of Jupiter, chose to get all interpretative up in herre by making Alice the subject of its first, full-length jazz ballet. The result, Alice – Traditionally Twisted, features all the infamous characters and otherworldly adventures of the Lewis Carroll story, only retold through the magic of jazz hands (and feet). Catch Reach’s take on Alice Saturday at 2 and 8 p.m. and Sunday 2 p.m. at the Atlantic Theater (6743 W. Indiantown Rd., #34, Jupiter). Tickets cost $15. Call 561-575-3271, or visit www.theatlantictheater.com.
Aug. 9-10, 2008
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John Linn