War of the Wordsmiths

If you stumble toward Delray’s Dada on the first Tuesday night of the month, you may notice a few people shouting. No, they’re not complaining about the price of the cocktails (can we?). The hipster bar is home to Delray’s slam group, the Poets Anonymous, a collective of artists who regularly vent their aggressions to anyone with an open ear.

This Tuesday, however, things will be much quieter; Poets Anonymous is joining other lyricists at the biggest slam event of the year, the National Poetry Slam. Throughout the week, teams of poets from all over will compete in West Palm Beach for cash, prizes, and lots of bottled water. You’ll be able to root for the local team made up of Terese “Chunky” Hill, Rachel Finnley (aka Flow Diva), and Daarina Parker (aka Pi-anir) while they do their best to make love/hate to the microphone.

There will be several competitions held at various venues on Clematis St. in West Palm Beach, and a grand finale on Saturday at 8 p.m. at the West Palm Beach Convention Center (650 Okeechobee Blvd.). Tickets to the final will run you $20, while an all access pass will cost you $75.

Visit nationalpoetryslam.com for a complete schedule of all of the week’s events.
Aug. 4-8, 2009

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Mike Sauer