Wow! He Made my Money Disappear!

Art lovers know that a roguish magician equals trouble (the daredevil gleam in his sandbagged eyes only compounds problems). And yet, try as they might, those artphiles cannot resist his baroquely-inspired outfit and clever sleight-of-hand, which is why Jack Maxwell of the Wizard’s Apprentice Magic Shop will be performing for the Abracadabra exhibition and fundraising raffle at the Hollywood Art and Culture Center (1650 Harrison St., Hollywood). We agree, a magician at a fancy fundraiser is unconventional: It’s kind of like asking a dominatrix to perform at your wedding. Still, watch in amazement as Maxwell plucks raffle tickets – not rabbits – from the ol’ stovepipe, so lovers of sculpture, photography, paintings, and drawings can all go home winners. Showpieces range from a curled carpet sculpture patch worked together with multicolored fabrics, to displays cracking the $8,000 price tag and the whole thing – magic included – goes to a good cause. Show up from 6 to 9 p.m. Getting in the art raffle starts at $375 per ticket, but attend the party for a mere $30. Call 954-921-3274, or visit
Jan. 17-Feb. 9, 2008
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Phillip Valys