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You Can Take the Jackass Out of the Fraternity, but…

If you don’t know what beer pong is by now, you’re probably not going to want to enter this, a satellite tournament with a berth in the fifth annual World Series of Beer Pong in Las Vegas at stake. If you didn’t realize that beer pong, historically a method by which Sig Eps feed each other keg beer and floor crud, had become tournament fodder, well, join the club. The game couldn’t be simpler: Teams of two take turns trying to bounce a ping-pong ball into cups that are laid out in a bowling-pin formation at the opposite end of a table. The ball goes into the cup, your opponent has to drink; repeat until one side has emptied all cups down their gullets. The rub is, in addition to the rights to call the losing team a couple of pansies, the winners get a paid trip to Vegas with their $2,300 WSoBP entry covered. Second place gets $1,000 cash, and on down the line, but because punitive drinking is involved, no one truly comes out a loser. Get into your cups at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek (5550 NW 40th St., Coconut Creek). Registration is $20 for a team of two (with $20 back in casino play) or $75 for a team plus a sponsorship booth. Limit 64 teams. Register at the casino’s cashier cage or by calling 954-283-2826. Call 954-283-2746, or e-mail [email protected]
Thu., Nov. 12, 7 p.m., 2009
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