You Give, and We All Breathe Easier

Just glancing at a picture of 13 year-old Brieanna Yowell makes your heart melt. Her little denim jacket matches her excited blue eyes, and her braces? Simply adorable. She’s even a cheerleader, for crying out loud! Letting your imagination wander reminds you of what being 13 should ideally involve: lazy days hangin’ with friends and gossip-fests about secret crushes. But as you learn more about Brieanna, reality sets in. She’s been dealt a rough hand early in the game. She has Cystic Fibrosis. And she needs not one but two lungs. (P.S., any idea what that procedure costs? About 500,000 bucks.)

You can help. It’s easy; you don’t have to involve yourself in an invasive procedure, attend a rally, or even write your congressman. All you need to do is scarf down tacos and chug cold beer. (You were going to do that anyway! I know, it’s amazing!) Local rock star Tijuana Taxi Co. is hosting a little fundraiser today in its Coral Springs location (901 N. University Dr., Coral Springs). Pop by and feast! The joint is donating 50% of its profits to Brieanna’s cause. Can’t make it, but still want to help (and eat)? No problem. Just hit up the Davie location next Monday, June 9th (4400 S. University Dr., Davie), and fill up. The same donation rules will apply. Giving has never tasted better, so show up, and darn it, bring friends.
Tue., June 3; Mon., June 9, 2008

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Jamie Laughlin